The Company

THEATRE HUMAIN seeks to explore what it means to be human.  Through our work in the theatre, we wish to stimulate a meaningful dialogue about the human condition:  our strengths and weaknesses, our  failures and successes, our deep-rooted tendency to destroy and our infinite capacity to create.


September 1919.  Herbjørg Hansen, 14 years old, leaves her native Norway to immigrate to the U.S.A.  With only her passport in hand, she bids farewell to a life of which she will never speak again.

September 2008.  Her grandson, Kevin, now lives in Quebec City, having immigrated 12 years earlier from the U.S.A. to Canada.  One day, an enveloppe containing the original passport of his grandmother arrives in his mailbox.  Soon after, he travels to Norway, hoping to decipher the contents of this precious document and unravel the mystery surrounding his ancestry.

Punctuated by the works of Norwegian artists Grieg, Ibsen and Munch, NORGE is a fascinating journey into the family history of Kevin McCoy—a playful and moving work about the meaning of life.  Pianist Esther Charron joins Kevin onstage, interpreting The Lyric Pieces by Edvard Grieg. 

A coproduction with the Théâtre du Trident.

Writer and director :Kevin McCoy
Performers : Kevin McCoy and Esther Charron (pianist)

Running time : 90 minutes
Stage : W’42  x D’36  x H’18,



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