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The company Théâtre du Phare carries the artistic projects of Olivier Letellier, crossing the art of storytelling with different disciplines (theater, object theater, photography, video, sound creation, dance, circus...), for all audiences. Openness, sharing and awareness are the pillars of his artistic approach. The story is an extremely important foundation: it is about stories that survive and enrich social prisms, and thus promote meeting and exchange. Each of Olivier Letellier's projects seeks to highlight the heart of what the story tells, with simplicity and clarity, so that the "young" audiences in their experience as a spectator can receive the show and feed themselves in their own way.

Oh Boy!

When 26-year-old Balthasar Killchicken receives a summons from Family Court, he wonders what he’s done wrong. When he sees his half-sister Jocelyn waiting for him with the judge, he asks himself what she’s blaming him for now. When he finds out he has a half-
brother and two half-sisters—Simeon, 14, Morgan, 11, and Venice, 5—he tells himself this isn’t the first time his father has abandoned his children. And when the judge appoints him the children’s designated guardian, he nearly makes a dash for the fire escape.
Oh Boy! is the straightforward, deeply moving story of three siblings who drop out of the sky and into the lap of a totally unprepared young man. With tenderness and humor, this contemporary tale examines some of life’s most devastating events, including illness and the loss of a loved one, and challenges society’s definitions of normalcy and family.

Adapted from the novel by Marie-Aude Murail
Adapted for the stage by Catherine Verlaguet
Directed by Olivier Letellier
English translation by Nicholas Elliott
Actor Matthew Brown (USA)
Sound designer Mikaël Plunian
Lightning designer Lionel Mahé
Stage manager Bill Kennedy (USA)

Audience : 9 years old and up
Maximum capacity (family) : 500
Maximum capacity (school) : 300
Running time : 60 minutes
Stage : W’30  x D’22  x H’19




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