The Company

An avant-garde creation company, Satellite Theatre was founded in 2009 by acadian Mathieu Chouinard and québécois Marc-André Charron, both graduates of the Lecoq Theatre School in Paris and the London International School of performing Arts (United Kingdom).

The company leads local, national and international projects, including professional workshop programs, live show development and touring, all the while being involved in younger creator’s mentorship. Satellite has collaborated with organisations in Japan, France, Mexico, Chad and, shortly, England and has toured the Canadian provinces extensively. Hence, this year announces the establishment, in N.B., of a young cultural firm which already shines in Canada and abroad, proposing a singular approach to the stage.

Grum On A Wire

When everything falls apart.
Grům is an anti-social, sour and astonishingly average civil clerk guided by his unstoppable obsession with order. In this physically engaging, highly visual wordless play, we witness the slow collapse of Grům’s hold on things, in the captivating forward fumble of this man of a hundred fixations at odds with his everyday routine.

Grům On A Wire offers a wonderfully bizarre, completely chaotic and hilariously baffling universe, skillfully mixing physical theatre, modern clown and live music in an evocative scenic ballet.

An obsession of Mathieu Chouinard
Director : Marc-André Charron
Performers : Mathieu Chouinard, Marilyn Perreault, Martin Vaillancourt and live musician Geneviève D’Ortun

Running time : 70 minutes
Stage : W’30 x D’24 x H’12,



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The Limits of Possible Noise

Gazing at the carnage around us, facing the horrific desire to give up when everything is broken and dejected, what are the limits of human resilience? The Limits of Possible Noise articulates the matter of the human heart which survives and keeps on seeking the light.
Nine Acadian, Québécois et British performers offer a succession of fragmented narratives where the concrete, the tribal and the ghostly interact and confront each other. A hybrid performance offering physical and masked theatre, dance, acrobatics and puppeteering.
For the general public, with no language barriers.

Co-production with Pupulus Mordicus (Quebec), Cirque-Théâtre des Bouts du Monde (Montreal) and Grafted Cede (London)

Creation director: Marc-André Charron
With the collaboration of the performance team: Andréanne Joubert, Dorie Kinnear, Florence Brunet, Frédéric Gosselin, Jalianne Li, Léonie St-Onge, Ludger Beaulieu, Pierre Robitaille et Will Pinchin

Running time : 105 minutes
Stage : W’40  x D’30  x H’18,


Creation, spring 2019

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