The Artist

Born in 1982, Roman Zavada is a pianist-composer whose creative direction is based on instinct, spontaneity, and improvisation. He created his first composition at the tender age of 4. At the age of 12, he undertook Conservatory studies but quickly opted for the path of self-study and experimentation. He then released two self-produced albums in 2002 and 2007. (Terre de feu, Nuit des temps). In the same period he acquired notoriety across the province of Quebec as a silent film piano accompanist. In 2013, Roman Zavada travelled to the Northwest Territories with an upright piano anchored on the Canadian Shield. He composed a new album inspired by the immensity of nature and their legendary Northern lights. Résonances boréales was released in 2016. Through his authentic productions, Zavada continues like no other to push the creative limits of the piano, his true mother tongue.

Résonances boréales

With an upright piano anchored to the rock of the Canadian Shield, at the edge of the taiga, Roman Zavada created new piano compositions inspired by one of the most spectacular and majestic phenomena on Earth. With his video team, he filmed the Northern lights in 360 degrees and in real time.

From the macrophotography of the Northern textures to the immensity of the starry sky, Zavada guides the audience through his compositions towards his ultimate source of inspiration: the aurora borealis.

The breathtaking panoramic films bring the public deep into the heart of the taiga without taking over Zavada’s piano performance, which by itself captivates the imagination.

Composer and performer : Roman Zavada

Running time : 90 minutes
Stage : W’26  x D’18  x H’12




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