The Company

Nuages en pantalon – compagnie de création brings together artists from different backgrounds, exploring the expressive potential of a performer's body, in order to create original theatre for audiences of all ages.

Beyond the night sky

Stella gazes at the night sky through her tiny bedroom window; many questions clutter her mind. Suddenly, as the questions begin to swirl around in her head, her bedroom bursts into pieces! Stella is launched into the dark, into space, where she finds herself at the heart of her dizzying thoughts. Through a series of physical scenes, she embarks on a journey to rediscover the light, the power of the universe, and the strength of her own curiosity. This adventure brings Stella to learn about falling, balance and collaboration, opening her eyes to new perspectives.

Beyond The Night Sky combines circus arts, multimedia and theatre, to create an experience that inspires a thirst for knowledge in children. An imaginative place between shadow and light, where, faced with vast open space, curiosity leads to juggling and acrobatics. An encounter between the poetry of Nuages en pantalon and the ingenuity of Cirque-Théâtre des bouts du monde.

Running time : 50 minutes
Audience : 6 years and up
Stage : W 24’ x D 20’ x H 15’
Maximum capacity : 350




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