The artist

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, and acclaimed producer for over fifteen years, Jeannot Bournival has a well-established reputation in Quebec and Europe. His name has been linked in tandem with artist Fred Pellerin for over ten years as musician, composer, arranger and producer: work for which he has received numerous awards, honorable mentions and platinum albums.

He is a sound artist whose journey has been enriched by folk, jazz, classical and electronic music; styles that have influenced his writing and permitted him to create blends of colors that are at once original and modern, yet traditional.

Always surrounding himself with experienced partners, Jeannot Bournival has shown his creative versatility in diverse contexts: from live shows,  to television and finally to album production 

Winner of a Felix award for sound engineering and mixing, Jeannot is the owner and manager of Studio Pantouf in St-Élie de Caxton, Québec.

Page 36 (musique à numéro)

Introspective, Page 36 (Musique à numéro) is an eventful year’s musical diary, with each title having been inspired from daily life. The artist has even integrated a few improvised notes, courtesy of his 3-year-old son, in the piece named “Petit Clown”. In keeping with his renowned great talent, this multi-instrumentalist has taken on the album’s complete composition and production.

Jeannot Bournival presents a true musical feat while inviting the listener into his very personal universe, joined by Daniel Lacoste (Robert Charlevoix, Les Cowboys Fringuants) on the guitar, Simon Blouin (Vincent Vallières) on the drums, Alexis Dumais (Martin Léon, Bernard Adamus) and Carl Vaudrin (GameLoft) on the piano as well as David

Carbonneau (Patrick Watson, Catherine Major) and Matthieu Van Vliet (Grégory Charles) on the trombone. Furthermore, the quartet Mommies on the run (Patrick Watson, Ariane Moffatt, Catherine Major) joins in on string instruments: Mélanie Bélair and Mélanie Vaugeois on the violin, Ligia Paquin on the viola as well as Annie Gadbois on the cello.

With this album where each track inspires different colours, Jeannot Bournival wishes to pass along a music of change, a music made his way, but he wishes this music will also be painted differently by the ears of each listener.



October, 22 2016
Salle Louis-Philippe Poisson, Trois-Rivières

November, 9 2016
Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne

March, 30 2017
Centre des arts de Shawinigan



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