The Company

We are Flor Della Valle, Óscar Fernández and Jesús Soler and we unite because we love the performing arts and  we have always sought different forms of expression. At the time of carrying out our work, we bet on a clown who struggles and suffers from common affective places, that is, reality. This puts us in conflict. The theatre is conflict and without it, there is no change or evolution, without risk there is no innovation and otherwise we only go over what in clown we call the TRUTH of the clown.

We’re clowns. We seek to have fun while providing quality entertainment that involves children, youth and adults alike. Without infantilizing or denying the interests of the public. What Revoluclown wants to convey is that any change is in our hands. Faced with the motto “another theatre is possible” we bring our epic clown.


REVOLUCLOWN is a clown show, suitable for all ages, where a group of clowns come to make the revolution creating a true epic, enthusiastic and fun adventure. More than a story, REVOLUCLOWN is an encouragement to find ways to build community trough play and joy, a symbolic re-appropriation of space, theatre, the city and even life.

Artistic director : David Franch
Performers : Óscar Fernández, Flor Della Valle, Jesús Soler

Running time : 55 minutes
Stage : variable,



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