The Company

is a non-profit association which was created to offer a structure for contemporary stage and performance artists a structure from wich to produce, distribute and manage their projects. It is run as a flexible organisation, bringing together various artists and defining itself as an " association of artists for the production of stage and performance art ".

Triple Buse

TRIPLE BUSE describes in a funny and humorous way the everyday tasks of three balloon factory workers.

In their cardboard world, these people keep carrying out the same useless tasks, which make it difficult for them to communicate and express their feelings.

This play is an entertaining and straightforward critical analysis that might remind you of “The Modern Times’’.

Writers and performers : Edouard Cuvelier, Diane Lévèque and Sébastien Domogalla

Audience : 5 years old and up
Maximum capacity : 300
Running time : 50 minutes
Stage : W’19  x D’19  x H’13,



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